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AR.Rahman the Prodigy...

ARR -The Invincible

It was the era when an eminent music maker named illaiyraja used to rule the roost in the Tamil film industry (now kollywood). The spark, which he gave for music, contrived havoc among the people. I would say that for nearly two decades this man dominated the music in tamil film industry like nobody, it was a prolific period in composers life, I would put it this way a true Protagonist of any film made in tamil. No doubt Maestro is a Genius.

90s saw a boy with grim look, shy faced, and introvert called A.R.Rahman stepping into the Tamil music world. Thanks to Mr.Mani Rathnam, who introduced this prodigy. Thereafter it was no looking back for A.R.Rahman. They
say that there is always a mild breeze before the thunder storm, Rahman, started his career by scoring music to Ad films, and stormed in to the film industry like hurricane. His innovative thinking reached audience of all classes and took music just like duck to water. Rahmans music is simply Mind blowing.

People were quiet hesitant to accept him as a music director, because of his boyish looks, and rookie kind of music, but he changed the whole perception of the people in his first couple of ventures, and proved that he is not just a Flash in the pan. Infact he is come here to stay. He was really a protean character that could change easily accordingly to situation and understand the nuances the people and expectation of the film-makers. He was a famous exponent of the art. They say that nothing succeeds like success and how true was that in his case, he was really a messiah of the Indian music industry to the world, his achievements bought him many plaudits not only nationally but also internationally which no personality has been able to achieve so far

Although Ilaiyarajas music has been labeled Incomparable, Rahmans music has been given the tag Untouchable. He is really a boon to the film industry, and last but not least I would entitle him by saying TINA
(There is no alternate)
PS: Please dont compare Maestro Illaiyaraja and A.R.Rahman.
Illaiyaraja is a Genius. A.R.Rahman is a budding Genius.

(MBA graduate. Working for a Private Placement Consultancy Firm)
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